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2023 Plant Sale Dates:
Early Plant Sale
April 22nd 10am - 2pm
Early Sale falls on Earth Day this year
Cold hardy crops to jumpstart your growing season!
Hardy Veg: Lettuces, Spinach, Kales, Broccoli, Collards, Cabbages, Snap, Shell, and Snow Peas, Kohlrabi, Beets, Onions, Leeks, Shallots, Scallions, Rainbow Chard, Favas
Early Flowers: Alyssum, Sweet Peas, Nasturtium...
First Annual Herbs, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley
May and June Sales
Open every Saturday in May through early June
We build upon our early offerings, spanning from cold tolerant early selections and long season crops to warm loving crops and slower growing perennials
Saturday May 6     10am-2pm
Saturday May 13     10am-2pm
Saturday May 20 & Sunday May 21     10am-4pm
Saturday May 27 & Sunday May 29     10am-4pm
Saturday June 3     10am-2pm
Saturday June 10     10am-2pm
Summer Plant Sale:
First weekend in August, Saturday 8/5/23, 10am-2pm
Fall Plant Sale?
we'll see!
Ivory Silo Farm, Westport MA
Hixbridge Road, just west of the intersection with Horseneck Road
Look  for the blue tent!
All sales are in person.
Our plants are Certified Organic!

We offer a unique selection of open-pollinated (OP) and heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower plants on our farm that we sell to the community starting in April.  We offer a wide range of crops including just about every vegetable crop you would want to transplant, tons of herbs both culinary and some medicinal, and an ever-widening array of flowers for beds, bouquets, and bees!

  Everything we raise on our farm and for our plant sale is grown from seed selected to thrive in the northeast and sourced from small scale seed growers who share our commitment to organic practices, regionally adapted crops, and restoring seed as a commons...and sometimes from our own saved seed.  This commitment manifests into breeding work that is reviving and fostering crop varieties like you have never seen before--or maybe you have, but not in a long time! 

60+ varieties of culinary and medicinal herbs

We grow lots of herbs for the sale.  We do both perennials and annuals from seed with new variety additions each year.  Our perennials are available mid-May and beyond.  Most annual herbs are grown in succession, with multiple windows for planting--and re-planting, for a constant supply.

A smaller but growing family of crops at our plant sale are the medicinal herb.  In 2021 I began adding medicinal plant varieties and have continued to grow this area of our sale with support and guidance from our herbal fairy godmother.

Over 150 varieties of flowers

Small seed growers and breeders are doing some amazing work in the bloomy world of flowers.  Inspired by the burgeoning growth of small scale specialty cut-flower farming as well as the mass movement to plant something for pollinators, these seedy breeders are offering open pollinated and heirloom flower seeds like never before!  The options extend way beyond the same ole' hum drum as they play with petal shapes and colors, digging up and playing with classics that had been commercialized to exclusion.  We also add new-to-us varieties of old-fashioned flowers, those which still retain their pollen and their memory-inducing scents.

Nearly 250 vegetable varieties

For example, we have 5 different types of cucumber: we can't help but offer our all-time favorite the small, yellow Salt and Pepper cuke, alongside an improved green market cucumber selected from a well-known classic strain, an OP pickler, a Japanese long, and the Mouse Melon.

  We have 10 varieties of sweet pepper to offer in 2023 and more than 20 hot varieties!  Many of our customers are now familiar with the Jimmy Nardello Pepper, which has been a standard crop at Ivory Silo Farm Plant Sale.  Originally brought to Connecticut by a family of Italian immigrants who saved their own seeds, it was their grandson who eventually shared the seeds so they could make their way into a seed catalogue.  Jimmy Nardellos do well in a low-input growing system, and ripen without fail, even in cooler New England summers.

A good chunk of those 250 varieties are tomatoes.  We have many heirloom tomatoes including the old favorites and some newly emerging gems.  Cherry colors and size range in variation as much as the slicers.  We offer several varieties of paste tomatoes, a handful of dwarf varieties (for pots!) and a great selection of reds.  In 2023 we deepen our focus on red tomatoes that have been proven in our New England climate, choosing varieties with a wide range of characteristics to suit our wide range of customer preference.

Lettuce can be finicky in varying weather conditions and each of the 20 or so varieties we offer over the course of the Spring will fill a niche somewhere within the New England growing season.  These include butterheads, romaine, batavian heads, looseleaf head lettuce, and even iceberg.

10 summer squash and zucchini

Several dozen greens and cabbages, from kales to chicory to napa cabbage

10 or so allia varieties from leeks to onions to scallions to shallots

10 Beans: bush beans, pole beans, dry beans, edamame

Pumpkins, Winter Squash, Eggplant, Melons, Watermelon and Corn

Beets, Celery and Celeriac, Fennel, Kohlrabi

and more, with our selection expanding every year

And then there is the melon, of which we do not offer a ton of different types, but just one that we reeeeeally Love.  Melons prefer a hotter, longer, summer than what we have in Southern New England.  When Bill met our favorite melon, he fell first and took me along with him, deep into a love affair with the Jenny Lind melon.  She has been passed over by breeders who focus on melons that ship and store well, but we prefer one that doesn't make it back to the drippily delicious!  We have been saving Jenny Lind Melon seed for several years now...give it a try and let us know what you think!

Container Growing

We have many growers who grow in small spaces including on porches and in pots, and we do have many varieties that do well in pots including some that are bred specifically for container gardening.

Talk about it! Talk about it! Talk about it! Talk about it! 

We enjoy talking about gardening, plant varieties, and seed saving!  We love hearing about your growing adventures too.  Please reach out with your stories, photos, and feedback!

Hope to see you at the sale!

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