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On location at our farm in Westport, MA
Hixbridge Rd just west of the intersection with Horseneck Rd


Open Saturdays
April 27 - June 8
10am - 3

Open Sundays
May 19 + May 26
10am - 3pm

We start with cold hardy crops to jumpstart your growing season and build upon our early offerings of cold tolerant and long-season crops to warm-loving crops and slower growing perennials!


We offer a unique selection of open-pollinated (OP) and heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower plants on our farm that we sell to the community starting in April.  We offer a wide range of crops including just about every vegetable crop you would want to transplant, tons of herbs both culinary and some medicinal, and an ever-widening array of flowers for beds, bouquets, and bees!

  Everything we raise on our farm and for our plant sale is grown from seed selected to thrive in the northeast and sourced from small scale seed growers who share our commitment to organic practices, regionally adapted crops, and restoring seed as a commons . . . and sometimes from our own saved seed.  This commitment manifests into breeding work that is reviving and fostering crop varieties like you have never seen before—or maybe you have, but not in a long time! 

Payments can be made online here

email us to sign up for updates and notifications, including varieties lists

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