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2021 Plant Sale Dates:
Extra Early Sale
pick up April 24th
Open for in-person sales Saturdays in May
Thursday May 27th and Friday May 28th 2pm-6pm
Saturday May 29th and Sunday May 30th 10am-4pm
Ivory Silo Farm
located at the corner of Hixbridge and Horseneck Road
We are not taking online orders at this time: in person shopping has resumed!





We offer a unique selection of open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower plants on our farm that we sell to the community in April and May.  The plants we offer cover the range of crops that we grow on the farm and then some!  That means you can find just about every vegetable crop you would want to transplant, tons of herbs both culinary and some medicinal, and an ever-widening array of flowers for beds, bouquets, and bees!

  Everything we raise on our farm and for our plant sale is grown from seed carefully selected to thrive in the northeast and sourced from small scale seed growers who share our commitment to organic practices, regionally adapted crops, and restoring seed as a commons, and sometimes from our own saved seed.  This commitment manifests into breeding work that is reviving and fostering crop varieties like you have never seen before--or maybe you have, but not in a long time! 

For example, take the must have garden crop, the cucumber: we can't help but offer our all-time favorite the small, yellow Salt and Pepper cuke, bred by Johnny's in Maine, alongside a nice improved green market cucumber selected from a well known classic strain, as well as an OP pickler.

Jimmy Nardello Pepper is another standard crop at Ivory Silo.  Originally brought to Connecticut by an Italian immigrant, they were saved by a grandson and eventually made their way into a seed catalogue.  They do well in a low input growing system and ripen without fail, even in cooler New England summers.  Jimmy is just one of several varieties of sweets we offer.

New England summers may get pretty hot, but they can be tough for melons, who prefer a hotter, longer, summer.  Bill fell first, and took me along with him, deep into a love affair with the Jenny Lind melon.  She has been passed over by breeders who focus on melons that ship and store well, but we prefer one that doesn't make it back to the drippily delicious!

I mean, if not for good taste, then what are we growing for?!!

...speaking of flavor, we always grow looooots of herbs for the sale.  We do perennials and annuals from seed with new additions each year.  Some of these will produce for you all season long, while you may want to replace others with fresh transplants after you have been harvesting away for weeks!

Small seed growers and breeders are doing some amazing in the bloomy world of flowers.  Inspired by the burgeoning growth of small scale specialty cut-flower farming as well as the mass movement to plant something for pollinators, these seedy breeders are offering open pollinated and heirloom flower seeds like never before!  The options extend way beyond the same ole' hum drum as they play with petal shapes and colors, digging up and playing with classics that had been commercialized to exclusion.  I have so much fun making selections for our sale, and I can't wait to see them bloom in our cut flower operation and garden beds!

A smaller but growing family of crops at our plant sale are the medicinal herb.  In 2021 I have added many new varieties and hope to continue to grow this area of our sale.

Se have many growers who grow in small spaces including on porches and in pots and so we do have many varieties that do well in pots including some that are bred specifically for container gardening.

We love talking about the exciting varieties we grow and enjoy answering questions about gardening and seed saving!  We love hearing about your adventures growing too!  Please reach out with your stories, photos, and feedback.

Hope to see you at the sale!

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